Tiny Thumbelina

When I was a child, it was rare for me to ask for toys. I was pretty satisfied with the dolls and games and coloring supplies I always had on hand and it never occurred to me to be a pest about an item I didn’t own. Of course, the commercials showcasing more and more realistic dolls were captivating , but still, I just didn’t make a habit of asking…until…the best doll in the world was invented.

Tiny Thumbelina hit the market and landed in my heart.  My dolls were stiff and rubbery, and basically, just sat there, but Tiny Thumbelina was different. Like a real baby, she was soft and cuddly. Her arms and legs flopped like those of a newborn. However, the most wonderful detail on this doll was the plastic disk on her back. If you turned it until it stopped, then placed Thumbelina on her stomach, she would move around, just like a tiny infant, upon awakening.

I adored babies, and I would always love my dolls, but once I saw Tiny Thumbelina on television, I was enchanted.  The more times I saw her in commercials, the more I felt that I had to have her. I knew I would take great care of her and adore her forever, if I could just find a way to make that happen. My sixth birthday was months away, and so were all the gift giving holidays. There was no reason for my parents to buy me a present. So, I quietly waited, hoping that my birthday would come quickly and I would, finally, have the doll, I already, loved.

One night, I decided to pray for Tiny Thumbelina, asking for my parents to know and understand how much she would mean to me. I didn’t know if praying for a toy would get God’s attention, but it made me feel batter.

The next morning, as I was getting ready for school, I said to my mother, “Guess what?  I prayed for something, last night.” She answered, “Really? What is it that you want so badly?”  I told her all about Thumbelina, and she was really interested. My mother had never heard of her, but I explained the many ways in which the doll was  like a real baby. She said that Tiny Thumbelina sounded wonderful and I went to school, happy that my mother agreed .

When I arrived home from school that day, I went about my normal routine. My mother had a snack waiting for my brother, Mark and me in the kitchen, and she sat with us as we told her all about school.  When Mark went up to his room to do his homework, I went into the living room to watch T.V.  As I turned to sit on my favorite big chair, I noticed a beautiful box on the couch. It was a blue and pink trunk with a carrying handle and a metal latch. Looking around, I saw my mother watching me from the kitchen. Smiling she said, “Go ahead.” Breathlessly, I opened the lid and peeled back layers of of fluffy white tissue paper. There, nestled inside, was my baby: my Tiny Thumbelina. Thrilled and relieved, I whispered, “Oh…thank you, Mommy.”  Then I picked up the doll, turned the disk, and melted, as my new baby snuggled against me.


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