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Since the day I was old enough to use a pencil, I have been writing. An inspiring word or phrase would send me searching for any bit of paper, on which I could fan the spark of thought that had been ignited. A touching scene in nature, devastating headlines, or a warm, personal memory are some of the many triggers that have always fueled my need to write.

When I was a very young writer, I was protective of my work; it felt too personal to share. What I needed was to grow up. By the time I was twenty eight, I had experienced my father’s death and my mother’s gradual departure, due to early onset Alzheimer’s disease. I grew from those events, as I endured the loss of both parents and took on responsibilities, typically assumed by a much older person. The losses inspired me to share the writing that, had naturally, accompanied such pain. Sharing those stories led to the gift of having my own column in newspapers that reached eleven cities and towns. The column was called Wisdom and Warmth and included serious, informative and humorous pieces. Through the sharing of my words and feedback from many readers, I learned that I was, often, able to make a small difference in their day and in some cases, their lives.

I am always and forever, working on one or more written pieces and I am deeply grateful for the chance to share them, here, with you.

My belief is that within my Words Of A Lifetime you will recognize your own.

Bonnie Feuer

16 thoughts on “GREETING

  1. So glad I found this. I just read all your blogs and loved them. You are a wonderful writer and I look forward to reading more. Glad you’re finding a way to share. I read an article about your latest book – good for you. This blog should become a book, too.

    1. Awww. thank you, Beth. Those words mean so much to me, coming from you. Yes, the memoirs will become a book called In the neighborhood, as soon as I have complied enough of them. You will find new entries on the blog within the next few days. Happy reading.

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